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15 Februari, 2008

Back to Campus

After almost 13 years I graduated from the State Accountancy College (Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara) in 1995, finally I return to my campus but not as a student. I have come back to my campus as a lecturer, not a permanent one because only every thursday I go there.

Now I know how it feels to be a lecturer, it's not as difficult as I thought but not as easy as well. You have to be ready to answer all kind of strange and challenging questions from students particularly about current issues on the materials. I just remember my brother's tip to deal with students, the most important principle is perhaps "There is no silly or stupid question from student, every question is valuable". By applying that principle, I try to appreciate any question from students. I think it works well.

Furthermore, because I was a student many years ago, I hope I can understand what the students need from a lecturer. Maybe the most important thing that a student need is intense communication with lecturer so that students have vast opportunity to ask any question about the materials or assignments anytime. Fortunately, these days we have a great way to do that. It's internet (e-mail or chat) and cell phone. Therefore, I gave students my e-mail address and cell phone. I wish they use these media to improve their performance.

Maybe the most difficult task for a lecturer is to give motivation to students so that they will study the materials before the lecture and they do it voluntarily. It's still very hard to do that here in Indonesia. However, I believe that this may occur here if universities have adequate sources such as online journals and databases.

That's all folks. Keep up the good work...

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